Cocktails With The Stars Halloween Special

 Nine porn stars! The defiling of a pumpkin! Plus news & hot topixx! This is what went on last Thursday night in Weho at Cocktails With The Stars at Micky's. Jack Manly was on hand and we have a recap, plus some hot photos from the special event.  Even though there were a couple of cancelations from the original line-up of co-hosts for the evening, host Scotty B did a great job of finding an impressive line-up of stars to take their place. In fact it turned out to be a unexpectedly memorable evening.

                           Scotty B                                               Jayden Grey                                               Jeremy Bilding 

  Scotty B had already done an elaborate costume, including make-up, at another party the previous night so he toned it down for Cocktails With The Stars with a simple but effective cowboy outfit (and yes, Scotty B you looked sexy in it!) He started off the show by discussing some gay porn news with his co-host, kooky little ball of wit Phillip Ashton, and little later Jayden Grey. The guys mentioned a few controversial topics but in truth there wasn't anything exceptionally juicy to report. Jayden did clear up one thing--he and fellow star (and recent SF transplant) Drew Cutler are just real good friends and have never dated.  Scotty B also had cute latin stud newcomer Christian Mohr on stage briefly, making his first public appearance. He's recently debuted at Real Guys Exposed and has already made a big impression on members. Keep an eye on him. 

                       Those pumpkins are heavy!                                                              Christian Mohr

 The one question or request which Scotty B asked of his guests was if they would stick their cocks and/or fuck one of the pumpkins on stage. Phillip Ashton was eager to carve the opening but neither he, nor Jayden nor Christian wanted to do it--even for money. However the next guest Jeremy Bilding did---after a little Q & A and mulling over the offer that is. Jeremy talked a little about his starring role in the straight porn parody Superman XXX (coming out soon) and mentioned that he spent a lot of hours in front of a green screen for the flying and special effects. He wouldn't say if he does any flying naked---we just have to wait and see. Jeremy seems like a very nice guy and a good sport too. He went in back, carved out a hole in the pumpkin and came back out with his cock fully inserted. As you can see he was more than happy to pose for pics!

                                        Bobby Clark, Aden Jaric & Topher Dimaggio arrive

  Things heated up even more with the arrival of THREE porn stars who had a busy day of filming: Bobby Clark, Topher Dimaggio, and Aden Jaric! Each of the guys had some one on one chat time with Scotty B, shirts were removed, and the Micky's "pornparazzi" literally swarmed the stage. None of the three guys would do the pumpkin request but another unnannounced porn star did. More on that in a bit.

                                                                           Aden Jaric

  Aden Jaric was making a rare LA public appearance so naturally a crowd gathered pretty quickly. As we learned earlier Aden was in town to film a scene for an upcoming Falcon feature--not Hot Property which also shot here this week. Aden caused a little buzz earlier in the day when he showed up on the set wearing a Jet Set Men  t-shirt and he had to quell the rumor he was leaving Falcon. Aden has had the shirt for a couple years and didn't even realize he was wearing it. Aden really couldn't have been nicer at CWTS and thankfully didn't feed anyone's appetite for dirt.

                                                               Bobby Clark

 Aden's co-star for his Falcon scene was another CWTS guest Bobby Clark.  Bobby recently announced his retirement and apparently this Falcon scene will be his last. Bobby was a little more ambiguous about this fact but he did make it clear that he won't be disappearing from the porn scene altogether. 

                                                                 Topher Dimaggio

 As for Topher Dimaggio this was unquestionably his week: he was the winner of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can F*ck? reality series; his scene where he tops Parker London was released at Jet Set Jocks; and
earlier that day he filmed another scene at Jet Set with Benjamin Bradley! Topher seemed to take it all in stride.
Interestingly later (when Scotty B had all the porn stars up on stage for a top/bottom discussion) Topher said he's never bottomed and wouldn't even do it for any amount of money! Even confirmed top Jeremy Bilding said his price was $25K--plus royalties.

                                                                       Ash Taylor

 Another late arrival was tall & sexy Randy Blue model Ash Taylor. Even though Ash is in the Boys in the City calendar that was promoted the previous week at CWTS he wasn't able to attend. So his appearance for this Halloween event was a nice treat. Again, a total cutie---naturally sexy and very nice. There are only two videos of him so far and though he tops Porter Wescott in his second video he mentioned at CWTS that he's now a bottom. HOT!

                      Christian Mohr                                                                                          Tommy Defendi 

 Last but far from least was Raging Stallion exclusive & recent LA transplant Tommy Defendi. Tommy didn't do much in the way of a Q & A but he did provide the evening's show-stopping moment by agreeing to be the second one to stick his cock in the pumpkin. Like Jeremy Bilding he had to take it into the back room to make the hole bigger and came out at the conclusion of the show with his fully erect cock firmly implanted in it.  Here's where the crowd really swarmed the stage because Tommy Defendi, who is neither shy about his size or uninhibited, REALLY pounded the pulp of that pumpkin. And when the audience caught sight of his big cock there was nearly a stampede! It was impossible for us to get a pic of this hot scene but chances are you'll be seeing several pics posted on the web. By the way, Tommy is even hotter in person and another super-nice guy.

 Thanks to Scotty & the guys who showed up Cocktails With The Stars was again lots of fun & full of surprises. Next week Falcon exclusive & new LA resident Landon Conrad kicks off November and we're very eager to see him in his first CWTS show. Scotty says that the amply endowed and handsome star is also fairly shy but we'll just have to wait & see for ourselves...

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