So Long, Leo Giamani

 If you're wondering what Leo Giamani is up to these days, wonder no more. We got word from Leo himself that he's definitively left the porn biz. So for you fans that were delighted to see Leo Giamani's brief return earlier this year you'll have to be satisfied with these recent videos and his previous work. Yeah, we're disappointed to hear the news although it doesn't come that unexpectedly.

 We won't go into any of the rumors and stories about Leo Giamani except for one. For a long time there have been a few sites and people commenting on blogs, discussion groups, etc who feel the need to reveal the real names of porn stars & models. Even when some of these stars & performers ask that these people refrain from revealing their identities they persist. They're a bit like the online version of porn paparazzi who don't really care if they're potentially screwing with people's lives. For several months this has happened to Leo Giamani and he's spent time trying to fix this problem. We're not saying that this is the reason he quit the biz, but it sure didn't help.

 At last week's Cocktails With The Stars special guest Chi Chi LaRue said many nice things about several people in the biz and one these was Leo Giamani. Essentially she said he was nice & quiet guy who also possessed a commanding presence. We have to agree. So, we wish Leo Giamani well in his future endeavors and hope that sometime in the future he'll be able to update us on them.

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  • 9/23/2010 6:28 PM rightstuff wrote:
    If you cannot take the scrutiny of having your real name being used in porn, then don't bother working in an industry where you are exposed for anyone to see; including your closest group of friends and relatives. Its not a problem for some performers, for which I respect them because of it. But those that have an 'identity' problem, head this warning: you can only live a double life for only so long before it catches up with you. I'm sure he is such a great guy, with good qualities, but a backbone is clearly not one of them. Why is a problem to be honest about who you are? If you really aren't ashamed of doing porn to begin with, then don't have hangups because someone else might.
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    1. 9/24/2010 4:03 AM JackManly wrote:
       Leo like many guys in the biz is told from the start by studios & websites that there's a very real possiility that friends, relatives, etc will see their work. And yes, surely he was told that there would be the risk of people revealing his real name. However Leo probably didn't realize that he would become as popular as he was or that there would be people out there purposely out there to expose him. It seems the majority of porn stars don't go through this problem. Leo unfortunately did. 
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    2. 9/26/2010 3:16 AM Seaguy wrote:
      Well said!
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  • 9/24/2010 2:57 PM Estelle wrote:
    In Leo's case it wasn't a porn fan that outed his identity but old high school classmates.
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  • 9/24/2010 8:03 PM rightstuff wrote:
    Okay, so he was warned, but didn't think it would apply to him--because he was the exception to the rule? So who's fault is it? The people who recognized him, and quite frankly, told the truth? I am playing devils advocate here... I understand the right or desire for privacy, but that is a luxury that porn performers don't have. I mean, if he wanted to be on the 'DL' about his business, why didn't he decide to be a anonymous sex worker? He didn't have to work in films to make a decent living--and he was advertising for escorting work. So it wasn't a preferential problem. I can only assume he wanted attention which is a distinct trait of porn performers.

    "didn't realize that he would become as popular"

    sigh. So you mean his greatest problem was that he was a 'popular' performer? Sheesh. Some try to get to his level of work and fail, few succeed in porn. And why should I feel sorry for him for having some success at it? Despite having contractual issues--it is a problem few ever get to experience, working in this industry. And if he wanted to 'wait out the storm' of his contract dispute, he could of launched his own site and become his own boss. But I guess 'Leo' is not very entrepreneurial, for being a business major from college.

    And maybe he was a great guy on set, but you cannot account for his behavior off set--maybe he had some bad blood with a few people, and they took liberty to 'expose' him. Who knows?

    But what we do know, is that he was warned by various sources and proceed regardless of the warning. I just don't feel bad for the guy. Guys like that get away with a lot and people tolerate it because he is attractive. May be that was the false sense of security he had--when warned of the perils.

    Once you've left the 'biz' no one will remember your name after you are gone. Because some fresh face will come off the bus to take your place. And you don't want to stay too long, and become a relic of your prime years in porn. He is probably better off in the long run.
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  • 9/28/2010 6:21 AM Sheik wrote:

    He'll be back.
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  • 11/16/2010 7:15 PM Chris wrote:
    I agree with most of the comments here. I liked Leo and his videos very much and will miss him. I get the impression that he just wasn't mentally prepared to become as big as he was or that his identity might be revealed, despite being told about it. That's the kind of thing you can't really escape in a profession like porn. With the Internet being EVERYWHERE like it is, someone in the world is bound to blurt out personal information about you. I think to some extent, Leo may have made the situation harder for himself by responding to the various rumors about him and his identity. Perhaps if he had adopted a "Who Cares" attitude about it all, maybe the people commenting about it would have lost interest and moved on to something else. Once people know they can get a rise out of you, they'll keep doing it. But I do hope he's OK and wish him well in his future endeavors.
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    1. 11/16/2010 9:09 PM JackManly wrote:
      Very well said. We wish him the same too
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  • 2/12/2011 12:08 AM Kevin wrote:
    I'm not going to jump on the "you chose it, you deal with it" bandwagon.

    I only JUST found out about Leo's retirement from porn and I for one am heartbroken(ish...I'm not delusional!)

    One of my favourite parts of a Leo Giamani shoot (esp. at Randy Blue) was his genuine sweet n' shy guy intro.

    Leo, if you read this...let's have a chat and provide closure for my readers and the fans (like me) that didn't even know you left the biz!

    Cheers! to all!
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  • 3/26/2011 12:27 PM Duncan wrote:
    What?! He already retired? Damn.
    Leo, if you're reading this, f*ck me before the world ends. Next year's 2012... I don't have much time anymore.
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  • 5/8/2011 12:34 PM me wrote:
    I'm also heartbroken because I JUST found out about his retirement along with like 50 other porn stars Well, good luck to him in his future endeavors. I will miss him though. He had a great smile, personality, body...and presence I know he most likely won't check this because that's the last thing on his mind, but good luck man! Hope to see your return in the future.
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  • 7/6/2012 10:57 PM JT wrote:
    As an openly bisexual man, I enjoyed Leo's work, but, I understand why he left. Sleeping with gay guys just isn't for us. Then, they're so obnoxious, rude, envious & spiteful, you don't want to have anything to do with them, no matter how much you're paid. Gay males are like women, so used to losing, they don't realize when they've won. You had a really nice guy in Leo, but, as usual, you, as a group, were so damn bitchy to him, he left so many before & after him.
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    1. 7/7/2012 6:47 PM Kevin wrote:
      "...they're so obnoxious, rude, envious & spiteful..." You seem to be doing a fine job of that yourself.

      You know what they say, we dislike in others what we hate in ourselves.
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  • 7/7/2012 9:28 AM Chris wrote:
    As an openly gay men I find your comments offensively hompohobic--if not bogus. You've lumped all gay men as a group and shown yourself to be an a-hole. Sounds like you're the one with issues with your self-image. I've a feeling neither gay men or str8 want anything to do with you. Leo was lionized by gay men & weren't bitchy to him
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