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Titan Men's New Joe Gage Movie & Mini-Site!

 Fans of award-winning director Joe Gage have much to celebrate this week. Titan Men
has released the first scene from his new movie Chain Reaction AND the studio has launched  mini-site Joe Gage Men where fans can view all his Titan movies. Like Titan Men's other niche site Titan Rough, the new Joe Gage site is included with membership at no extra cost for Gage fans to find his catalog of classic flicks. If you're new to the intensely hot movies of Joe Gage this is a great way to catch up and learn why he has a devoted following. And that's not all, Joe Gage has new Sex Files movie from Ray Dragon Video--details and previews coming up.
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Dominic Ford's SYTYCF S4 Ep 8: Filling Every Hole!

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

 This week's episode of
Dominic Ford's web series So You Think You Can Fuck? Season 4 features a sexy relay race competition and a sex scene in one special move wins it for one of the competitors. In the penultimate episode before the winner is declared on April 30 the spotlight is on contestants Tommy Defendi and Bryce Evans as they're paired for the first time anywhere. Their outdoor sex scene (you can see a preview below) could turn out to be a game-changer for this contest--or it may just confirm the outcome. At this point we still don't know how fans are voting or how close the voting may be. And isn't that preferable to a foregone conclusion?
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Naked Sword's Addict: Fame

 The theme and title of this week's episode of
Naked Sword's mini-series Addict is "Fame", specifically porn fame, as dramatized by two of the hottest stars around: Jimmy Durano and the now-retired Connor Maguire. They play porn stars (of course) addicted to being in the spotlight, the subject of an audience's sexual fantasies. It's an oft-told tale about many porn stars who get plenty of social media and internet attention and do all they can to hold on to it.
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Cocky Boys: Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love

 This week 
Cocky Boys' Jake Jaxson launches another beautiful new film series in which he continues to redefine the genre of male erotica/gay porn. "Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love" is simply provocative in the best sense and definition of the word. As the dictionary says, the word provocative means "causing discussion, thought, argument, etc....causing sexual feelings or excitement...serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate." And that's what "Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love" does. It's powerfully creative on both sides of the camera and wonderful collaborative effort between Jake and his stars: Colby Keller, Duncan Black, and newest CockyBoy Justin Matthews.
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MEN.com In April Part 4

 As April wraps up at
MEN.com a big mini-series concludes and a few more continue, while the mega-site features a handful of new faces and the countdown to Johnny Rapid's 100th scene continues. And that's just part of what MEN.com has in store for the end of April. The studio has released the last group of trailers for scenes in these last couple weeks of April and we have an overview for you.

  The sexy-dirty "Stepfather's Secret" with Dirk Caber wraps up in the next two weeks with Scott Harbor making his studio debut as the third of Dirk's "stepsons". To recap, in parts one and two of this series we met Dirk Caber as the stepfather who seduces his wife's adopted sons (none of whom are blood-related) while she's away. In part 3 Dirk takes advantage of grease monkey Scott Harbor as he works on the car. And yes, some of the axle grease is used to lube up the hot stepson for fucking.
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Hot House's The Club Continues...

 Colt Rivers makes his Hot House debut this week in the new Gym Dudes movie The Club and he gets quite an interesting welcome from Vance Crawford in only his second studio movie. The two guys play members of the exclusive 24-hour gym in the movie title and while there seems to be no love lost between them, there's plenty of pent-up lust. And in this fantasy gym created by director Christian Owen, there are barriers to these guys fulfilling their sexual desires. 
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Countdown to the Grabbys Part 3

 In a little more than a month (yes, it's that soon) the 2014 Grabbys Awards will be handed out in Chicago on Saturday May 24 and as the awards get nearer we continue with our spotlight on the nominations.  We don't have any updates on presenters, trophy boys, or other events/parties taking place that weekend but we do have a reminder for all fans interested in participating.

  While you can't vote in the main awards, the Grabbys & Steamworks are again collaborating so that you CAN vote in one category: the 2014 Grabbys Steamworks Fan Favorite Award. AND, by voting you get the chance to win two tickets to the awards and a Steamworks Black Card VIP membership. All you have to do is
go here, enter your email address, state which Steamworks in closest to you and place your vote. BUT, you must vote by May 2, so don't delay.

  Today we take a look at the Production Awards and the nominees who work behind the camera and whose faces you won't necessarily know. In fact many of the nominees in this part of the awards aren't always listed by name. But if you like the premise of a scene, how it looks, and how it plays out you can thank the many individuals who are nominated in these categories.
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Sean Cody: Brandon's Back...with Tanner!

 Sean Cody welcomes back beautiful Brandon and pairs him with super-hot Tanner for an incredibly hot scene that actually exceeds its inherent potential. There are so many choice moments and visuals it's exceeds its potential at almost every turn. So many choice moments that there's something for everyone. Surprisingly it's the first time Brandon and Tanner, Sean Cody's Cybersocket nominees last year, have been matched up ---and it's worth the wait.
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Men at Play: BOYTOY

  What's hotter? A well-dressed businessman with a secret kinky side? Or a seemingly naïve young man discovering his kinky side? 
Men At Play explores both questions this week in "BOYTOY"! The scene features two of today's hottest performers who are as dissimilar as the the queries they represent. There's darkly handsome and muscular Dato Foland as the businessman and Darius Ferdynand as the well-sculpted blue-collar jock type who just looks too vanilla to imagine he has a kinky side. But as this video reminds us, you can't judge a book by its cover.
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Andrew Christian-Cocky Boys Video!

 Underwear designer Andrew Christian has released a new video titled "KISS" featuring 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski AND the sexy guys from Cocky Boys!:  Max Carter, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Duncan Black and Ricky Roman. Included are "super fans"(?) Zach Lee and Seth Knight. Okay, there's virtually no underwear present in the video but you aren't really watching to check out them out, are you? 

Randy Blue's Kinky Week

 Self-sucking, face-slapping, bondage, and rough sex are in store for viewers at Randy Blue as the site gets a little kinky this week. In the midst of this the studio welcomes newcomer Dominic Santos, described as "one of the hottest and gifted gay porn models we have had on here in a while"; brings back sexy otter Ian Parker after a year and gives Austin Wolf another hottie to manhandle. Even without the kinky aspects to this week's line-up, the sexy men who we just mentioned would be reason enough to check out Randy Blue. The kink is just an extra layer of icing.
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Dominic Ford's SYTYCF S4 Ep 7

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

 The fourth season of
Dominic Ford's reality/competition series So You Think You Can F*ck? may be ending in a few weeks but it sure isn't winding down. This week's photography tournament is highly competitive and the follow-up sex scene is as dynamic as it can be. Landon Conrad and Armond Rizzo show they've really brought it this year's series and once again the judges are blown away with the results. AND, as we've mentioned in previous weeks, this is still anyone's game.
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Naked Sword's Addicted Episode Two

 Christian Wilde is object of obsession in this week's episode of Addict from
Naked Sword and the visually avant-garde style of this series really comes into play in this hallucinatory scenario. "Addicted To Lust" stars new-ish performer Trelino as the addict whose life is ruled by his sexual obsession with porn star Christian and leads to the blurring of lines between fantasy and reality---at least the reality of the scenario. 
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Countdown To The Grabbys Part 2: The Events

   As many porn fans know the Grabbys Awards on Saturday May 24 will be part of a big Memorial Day Weekend of events and parties in Chicago tied to the awards and to the International Mr Leather contest. Some of the tie-in events to the Grabbys Awards have been announced and there are a few more new details about the awards show itself.
  As you can see from the poser on the left the official Grabbys Kick-Off Party, Skin Trade 2014, is on Thursday May 22 at Hydrate on Halsted St. Host/DJ Chi Chi LaRue will be joined by Trenton Ducati, Levi Karter, Tony Orion, David Christiano (Trenton's husband!), Armond Rizzo, and Hans Berlin. More stars are sure to appear (officially and unofficially) and will be added to the list along the way.
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Cocky Boys' A Thing Of Beauty Book Tour!

Cocky Boys is going on an international book tour during the next two months to promote and sign the recently book A Thing Of Beauty, a beautiful collection of photography published by Bruno Gmuender. Photographers and co-owners of Cocky Boys RJ Sebastian & Jake Jaxson will be joined by their partner & third co-owner Benny Morecock along with three of the studio's exclusive award-winning performers Jake Bass, Max Ryder, and Levi Karter! The series of fan appreciation events kicks off this Friday April 11 in NYC, then on that Thursday in London, continuing the next weekend in Berlin, followed by the following Wednesday in Paris, and ending in Chicago on Friday May 23 as part of Grabbys weekend! Attendees at all the events will be able to have the book autographed and meet the guys in front of the camera and behind it who have made Cocky Boys such a phenomenon. 

  As the press release points out this tour will be the first time that stars Max Ryder, Jake Bass and Levi Karter will have been reunited since they filmed RoadStrip last year. And, "The timing is perfect as the RoadStrip DVD is just being released around the world and every copy of the book A Thing Of Beauty comes with a movie poster from the film as well." And by the way, RoadStrip is the NUMBER ONE pre-order title at TLAGAY.com right now!
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Spotlight on Luke Adams

 He may be only in a handful of videos so far but there's a bit of a buzz building about sexy newcomer Luke Adams. Actually he's been around since late summer 2013 but after several recent releases, pics from the set of new scenes, a brief video interview (see bottom), and some Twitter activity from and about him, Luke Adams has become someone to watch this year. 
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Chris Harder: How To Eat Like A Gay Porn Star!

Cocky Boys' sexy dancer/performer turned star Chris Harder confronts a question on his website/blog Chris Harder Films that likely is asked of several porn stars and performers at one time or another: "“Dude, what are you eating?!” The answer has been answered before by several stars who have posted recipes, diet plans, etc. Chris offers an answer titled "How to Eat Like A Gay Porn Star" that befits the wonderfully unique person that he is, written with humor mixed with a fair degree of common sense. And yes, in addition to interesting biographical info, and his weekly shopping list, Chris offers a sample recipe, "The Harder Scramble". It's tailored to his preferences but who knows...maybe he'll be starting a trend! Check it out.